Civil Engagements

Civil litigation can threaten the financial security of a business, an organization, or a family. Kauffman Kilberg LLC has years of experience handling civil litigation in state and federal courts across the country, from pre-litigation negotiation all the way through appeals. We focus principally on employment-related, business, contract, and high-profile/complex litigation. We also advise employers and clients on how to avoid litigation through best practices and common sense policies and procedures.

Once litigation is initiated, we guide our clients through the critical stage of discovery. We have extensive experience deposing litigants and defending our clients at their depositions, and we have litigated numerous discovery disputes. Properly focused discovery can lead to the extraction of key concessions and admissions by the other side, setting the case up for a positive resolution at a later stage. While we are trial lawyers at heart, we also recognize the need for businesses to make sound business decisions when it comes to resolving litigated claims. We counsel our clients through those decision-making processes to achieve the best possible result for the client and/or the client’s business. Sometimes that means reaching a negotiated compromise, and sometimes it means throwing down the gloves and gearing up for trial. We are equipped and ready to do both. We are also well equipped to handle appeals on clients' behalf when a lower court makes an incorrect ruling, or to defend a proper ruling when the other side appeals our victory. We have handled cases at all levels of state and federal appeals, including state supreme courts and the Supreme Court of the United States.