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Criminal Defense

White Collar Criminal Defense

Criminal investigations can threaten the liberty of an individual and the very survival of a company. Kauffman Kilberg LLC brings nearly three decades of experience representing individuals and businesses in all phases of white-collar criminal proceedings from coast to coast. We advise clients on how to deal with law enforcement appearing on the doorstep with or without a search warrant. We are deeply involved in all aspects of pre-indictment investigation and negotiation, as we strive to achieve an alternative disposition to accusations of criminal conduct. And we put the government to its burden and take matters to trial when the situation warrants it. In short, we leverage our years of experience in all phases of criminal matters to provide high-quality, vigorous representation for our clients. Accordingly, our experience cuts across virtually all industries and the full range of needed services, from investigations through trial and appeal.

The goal of any representation in a criminal matter is to avoid indictment and work with the government to achieve a just result short of conviction. These results can include declinations of prosecution, non-prosecution agreements, deferred prosecution agreements, and alternative civil remedies. If such a result is not possible, however, only competent and experienced criminal-defense counsel can effectively and compassionately guide a client through the criminal justice system.

Kauffman Kilberg LLC attorneys have represented corporations, corporate executives of publicly traded companies, small business owners, public officials, accountants and loan officers, individuals, and many others in investigations covering a wide range of allegations including antitrust violations, tax fraud, bank fraud, healthcare fraud, securities fraud, environmental crimes, public corruption, money laundering, computer crimes, and false claims allegations. We have also counseled clients through numerous internal and grand jury investigations and provided compliance advice in areas including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and the U.K. Bribery Act.