A Passion for Justice

A Commitment to Excellence

That’s not just a tag-line for us. It is the core principle of our firm and why we founded Kauffman Kilberg LLC. We are lawyers with diverse experience who became lawyers for the right reasons. We care about justice and the rule of law, and we are passionate about realizing those ideals for our clients. We strive to provide our clients with thorough, aggressive and compassionate representation. And we endeavor to give back to the community that has given us the privilege of engaging in this profession. We have leveraged that experience to bring a depth of knowledge and high-caliber representation to a more personalized, boutique atmosphere.

We founded Kauffman Kilberg LLC after more than two collective decades working at large, prestigious, national and international law firms. There are no “small” cases. When a client’s liberty or the very survival of their company is at stake, that case means everything to them. And they mean everything to us. We are known for our creative approach to managing even the most complex cases and doing so quickly and efficiently.

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