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Civil Engagements

High-Profile and Complex Litigation

Litigation is becoming increasing complex, with overlapping investigations and lawsuits, by both the government through criminal and civil proceedings, and private parties through lawsuits alleging they have been aggrieved by corporate malfeasance. These cases require special skills to effectively handle the multi-faceted way such cases often evolve. At Kauffman Kilberg LLC, we cut our teeth at some of the nation’s best and largest firms, handling high-profile, politically sensitive, and complex litigation—providing us a firm foundation for the skills we continue to bring to bear for our clients today, including:

  • Developing a litigation strategy that pursues and advances a client’s legal and public-relations or business interests
  • Guiding a client through the civil litigation process while a government entity may be conducting a related investigation
  • Protecting client’s privileges while still effectively litigating on the client’s behalf
  • Reaching resolutions in one proceeding that do not jeopardize a client’s rights or interests in a related proceeding or investigation
  • Achieving, when possible, global resolutions that give client’s certainty that any legal ramifications of a particular course of conduct are finally and fully resolved
  • Working with clients to ensure that their legal messaging is consistent with their business goals or public messaging goals

Our attorneys have represented former government officials, including representing a former Deputy Attorney General of the United States accused of constitutional tort claims arising from the detention and removal of a foreign national. We have also represented foreign officials in mass tort litigation relating to the 9/11 attacks. More locally, we have represented a former advisor to former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber accused of colluding with other advisors to get the state to abandon its Affordable Care Act health insurance exchange in favor of the federal exchange. And we have represented clients in relation to their claims against the State of Oregon for breaches of massive, multi-million-dollar contracts to provide healthcare coverage to Oregon’s vulnerable populations. We are well prepared and equipped to assist clients in need of a multi-pronged strategy and in need of negotiating simultaneously on multiple fronts.