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Restrictive Covenants and Trade Secrets

Kauffman Kilberg LLC attorneys are litigators. That means we are not afraid to go to court on a moment’s notice to enforce our clients’ rights. Employees rarely spend their whole careers at one employer any more. The reality of this increased employee turn-over—and the opportunity for employees to abuse their access to an employer’s confidential information—has led to many employers insisting upfront on stronger protections for their proprietary an confidential information in the event of an employee departure. These protections take the form of restrictive covenants such as confidentiality, non-competition, non-solicitation agreements, and intellectual property ownership agreements.

Kauffman Kilberg LLC has extensive experience assisting employers in enforcing restrictive covenants, protecting trade secrets, and pursing unfair competition claims against employees who violate their obligations. In addition, some employers’ restrictive covenants reach too far, or are sought to be enforced in situations where enforcement is not applicable or appropriate. In those situations, Kauffman Kilberg LLC has also been hired by executives and/or their new employers, seeking clarification or modification of restrictive covenants. In either situation, we have the skills and capacity to handle the fast-paced discovery and in-court litigation that comes with prosecuting or defending temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions.